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Studio Master Tape

Studio Master Tapes are recorded with the newest ATR Magnetics Studio Master Tape which recording character is equivalent to the legendary AMPEX 456. Each 1/4 inch/10.5 inch reel tape is recorded from 1/2 inch Mix Down Tape with your choice of NAB or IEC equalization. Each album requires 2 sets of tapes. We use a professional plastic case provided by ATR Magnetics with your name and serial number printed on it.

Optional Professional Spec Studio Master Tapes feature a custom and tradition of Studio Engineers. We use 30 seconds of 1KHz of sign wave at the beginning of the tape to confirm the perfect azimuth adjustments. Also, inserting 5 seconds of white leader tape in between the music which makes it convenient when looking for the beginning of a song. You may use the calibration signal for adjusting your reel to reel deck for playing our tapes but please use MRL calibration tapes for more proper adjustments.


2 inch tape